Teaching gig didn't work out

The LBS teaching opportunity just isn't working out. The new management isn't taking much interest in my work or classes and doesn't comply with my requests to contact me when people inquire about the classes. They seem to think that if a class is described it is scheduled - which it is not - and that if a student shows up I should be able to drop everything and teach on the spot. I don't think so! The classes are scheduled for a reason - to accomodate my day job. It will always be this way because my day job is the priority.

So, I'm no longer affiliated with that bead store. Instead I think I'll offer myself to the community in some way. Keep an eye out for my plans!


Herringbone - I love you!

One of my first tubular herringbone necklaces. Done in Fall of 2003. It took me way too long to stitch because I was naive enough to think it wouldn't be a big deal! Now, I know better. I ended up selling it to an attorney in town in February of 2005. She was attending a class I was giving and I happened to have my completed pieces with me for inspiration. She went crazy over the color and purchased it on the spot. The last I heard she was proudly wearing it around town.