Hear Indiana...

My brother and his family have dealt with hearing loss for over 11 years. Both my niece Kelly, and my nephew Eric, are 95% deaf. Both received cochlear implants...Eric at 3 and Kelly at 1. Both are mainstreamed into public schools, are bright and well-adjusted, and are participating in a fundraising effort for Hear Indiana. Eric is now 11 and a budding geologist/mechanical engineer, and Kelly is now 9 and a budding writer and runner (man, can that kid run!).

Here's a link to their page:


This photo is from August of 2007, a family reunion at Mike's place in northern Indiana. Yes, they're always this silly :) Yes, they're always this happy :) They're great people, and I'm proud to have them in my family.

Any donation you could provide, from $1 on up, would be helpful.

Rick and I will be walking on Saturday the 10th. Rather than set up my own donation site, I want you to go to my brother's and pledge there.

Thanks for your support!


Flu, Wet Noodle, Beading, Dancing....

Wow. I got the flu, then the flu got me! One solid week of varying temps, ranging from 100.5 to 103. Sweats, muscle aches, froggy throat and voice, settling in to a hoarse cough that I'm still fighting. Blech.

Went to belly dance last night. Considering that it had been over two weeks since my last class, I was pleased with my ability to keep up. Though by the end of the 2 hours I was perspiring profusely, I felt good afterward. This class ended with a choreagraphed dance that I simply could not do. The instructor kept assuring me "hey, it's an advanced choreagrphy, don't worry about it!" But, ya know, I have a tendency to want to keep up or go before others in the class - yes, I'm competitive. Oh well, I tried. I admit to being glad the mirrors were hidden from me by other students! LOL

So, I've been beading. I'm slowly working up my BFAC project, though it's coming very slowly. To brighten up my mood, and because Spring is really here, I'm doing a few herringbone ropes in white and yellow. They'll look nice twisted together and I seem to have accumulated quite a few yellow tops and blouses :)

So, though I still feel a bit like a wet noodle, I'm forging forth. My job hunting continues and I landed a personal interview for later this week with a company I've been trying to get into since '04. Uh oh, may have to shop for a new suit...no matter that I've lost 5 lbs now, it appears that these last 2 1/2 weeks of being ill have softened everything!

Anyway, I'll be loading up some pics later this week. Until then, I'm ready for a nap.