Good-Bye Terry Kelly - be at peace

Terry Kelly and his wife Mary stepped in to become surrogate parents to me in the early '80s. My parents moved (with my 2 brothers) to Indianapolis and I was old enough to wave 'so long', as I was really tired of moving.

There is no way to express the amount of guidance, love and attention he and his wife have given me over the years. I have a key to the house. Many times I've come into town and walked into their home, picked a bed or couch and crashed for the night - then to be awakened by Jamie (the youngest) or Mary for breakfast. Every year, since 1990, my husband and I have attended their annual New Year's Eve party.

Countless cups of coffee at their dining table. Midnight calls for help with one of the kids. Jamie, the youngest, was the same age as my younger brother and just as humorous. He died at 32 in 2005. Erin, the only girl, was a bridesmaid for me. Shaun, the oldest, was a wild child and we dated for a short time - very short. Tim, though mentally he is a child his heart is large. Kevin, my age, is a dear friend to both me and my husband.

They're family. We're spending today at the house, by their request. Tomorrow we'll be at their side for the viewing, then Tuesday for the funeral. Ricky will probably be a pallbearer.

Here is a link to Terry's obituary http://www.legacy.com/louisville/Obituaries.asp?Page=LifeStory&PersonID=118044390- which says nothing about the 5'3" Irishman's huge heart, silly sense of humor, constant appearance (after retirement) in the court system to keep in touch with inmates/guards/fellow probation officers, wiry frame that never got over 130 lbs., knack for turning down the hearing aid just as the women got to talking, ability to guide many people along the road of life. He could be found at the bowling alley every Friday night - but he didn't bowl. He liked to visit, cheer people on, encourage people to improve, help people get by. He had a temper that showed through very red ears and squinty eyes, a heart that was generous and giving.

Terry died of COPD and emphysema. We watched him deteriorate for over a year, until finally he became bedridden. On Friday evening/Saturday morning, sometime after midnight, he died in his sleep. Mary found him at 4:30 a.m. Saturday.


Beading Class at Eye Candy Jewelry and Beads

Saturday, September 27 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. I'm teaching a basic stringing class at my friend's new store in Jeffersontown, KY. Katherine and her partner Debra opened Eye Candy Jewelry and Beads in August (officially) and have asked that I be their primary beading instructor :) Yeah!

The first class is about stringing - picking the right beads, learning about beading wires, using a crimping tool and crimping correctly, learning about proportion of the beads and colors and fit. We have quite a few women signed up for both Saturday morning and Tuesday evening - a repeat of the class. I'm excited and looking forward to teaching again.

Upcoming classes will include beadweaving. I thought I would start with a netted bracelet, then offer another class to guide students on how to embellish the bracelet :)

Another class would be flat Ndebele - an intermediate class.

I'll be talking with customers and students to gauge their interest and needs, and then plan the classes accordingly.

So, if you're a Jeffersontownian/Louisvillian/southern Indianian interested in attending a class with me - send me a note with your questions and/or requests and we'll see what we can do for you :)

Until then...Bead On...Bead Happy!


Time Flies by Fast, Doesn't It?

Wow. August has come and gone and we're now in the middle of September. Yikes! I really did not mean for the blog to get neglected. Every few days I found myself thinking "you really should update your blog, you have friends and family wondering what's happening with you." Then I would get sidetracked with various 'life' things. Here are some of them:

I purchased the necessary software/equipment to become self-employed. I started my search for a home-based business back in 2003. In early 2007 I came upon a suite of software and a network of business owners that specialized in research/market research/sourcing and marketing, utilizing the internet but also the basic tools used in research such as telephone, library, hoofing it to the front door of a consumer, etc. Anyway, my background includes research projects in a few different industries, expert knowledge in two industries (manufacturing and electronics/engineering), and writing. So, I decided in April 2007 that this was the route for me to become self-employed. Two speed bumps - funding and high speed internet access at home.

Rick and I set out to save as much money as possible, and to encourage our small town to buy into or allow for high speed internet access. I participated in speaking before local business councils, city councils and county councils to present the case for building towers and laying wire for access. The town installed wireless towers in February 2008 with limited access :(

June 2008 is when Verizon came to town with DSL. Yippee! I had the high speed, I had the funds. But, if I were to outright purchase the business tools I needed it would leave me and Rick vulnerable, financially. Oh the dilemma! Then a family member came forward, out of the blue, and offered assistance. Kudos and wowzers to them :) :) :)

So, I am the proud owner of Burke Research Services with a soon-to-be up and running website at www.burkeresearchservices.com. Available to small, medium and large businesses (for profit or non-profit) to provide candidate sourcing for recruiters, e-mail marketing campaigns, market research, competitive intelligence, consumer research, etc.

August was spent studying and learning and studying and learning. I have a suite of software, up-to-date technology, that I needed to become adept at using. I attended webinars, seminars and conferencing classes. I was interviewed for a radio program. I've joined local networking groups. I've been writing copy for web pages. I've been getting the word out that I am in business. Whew. I've been busy.

September 15 was my target date for the website to be up and running. I got sidetracked with beading and illness :( Then the windstorm from Hurricane Ike hit and we're just now up and running with power. Thank goodness we have cash in the bank...we need a new roof :(

Anyway, by end of month my website will be up and running.

I have had some good inquiries that should turn into paying projects, just going to take a bit of time to work the sale :)

In the meantime ---

Took a long weekend to spend with Mike and the family at Winona Lake. Tammy and I spent most of our time on the bicycles and on the jet ski :) Mike and Rick built a large shed...12' x 16' (room addition if you ask me), from scratch...with plans that Mike made. Custom trusses ala Rick :)

I will be teaching beading classes at Eye Candy Jewelry and Beads in Jeffersontown, KY. She's located on Watterson Trail at Taylorsville Rd. Classes will be basic beading/stringing while learning crimping techniques, basic beadweaving while learning netting and spiral stitches. Intermediate beadweaving will be diagonal peyote (Russian Leaf pattern) and flat Ndebele embellished with crystals and such :) First class is Saturday, Sept. 27 at 11 a.m.

That's it for now. I'll post again soon with pics and more info and such.