A new start

So, after over a year of managing a customer service/sales department it looks like I've worked myself out of a job. Well, not quite, but close. I was initially hired to tighten up the business end of the office/department and begin developing sales programs to assist the company in their growth plan. Within six months I had completed the tightening up and was just beginning to present my program ideas when it became apparent that the customer service employees required more of my attention.

After another six months, it became quite obvious that the company was not ready for my position. During this time we unveiled a new division where I was the first contact and also became a design engineer - because the primary design engineer was out for quite a few weeks due to surgery - and a customer service rep in the original division was out for surgery - so I was doing three jobs for quite a few weeks. Yet, we succeeded to provide quality products with excellent customer service to our customers.

So, a few more months passed. I met with my boss and we discussed the company goals, the department needs, my expectations and his expectations. It boils down to the fact that I am being replaced by software and a customer service rep. The company hired me about 2 years too soon.

Now, I am out and about. Meeting new people, networking at business lunches and beading up a storm. Look for new designs to appear on this blog, as well as an update on my job search!


Another bracelet

African Helix, a wonderfully elegant stitch. This bracelet sparkles plenty and looks absolutely wonderful on the wrist!