Was thinking of moving....

A letter to my poor neglected followers. I'm sorry I haven't kept you up to date with the happenings of my life. I have been updating my other blogs, and gave serious consideration to closing this one and redirecting you to the other ones. But then I realized that I wouldn't have a place to just let loose! Or to share my bead work. I do have another blog going at charleneburke.com and encourage you to check it out. But I don't feel comfortable sharing the same things there that I share here.

Then again, that blog is on a WordPress platform is much easier for me to type in - Blogger tends to skip lines as I'm writing, then doesn't respond when I press enter to start another paragraph. It's been that way for a long and I've always found it annoying.

But to heck with it. For now I'll handle the annoying issues with Blogger and take it in stride. I foresee a few posts that include a bit of a rant. As well as a few posts that focus on my beadwork.

I'll check in again in a week or so and give you a better update. But for now, rest assured, that I'll be keeping this blog for a while. And if I do decide to move it permanently I'll let you know.