Was thinking of moving....

A letter to my poor neglected followers. I'm sorry I haven't kept you up to date with the happenings of my life. I have been updating my other blogs, and gave serious consideration to closing this one and redirecting you to the other ones. But then I realized that I wouldn't have a place to just let loose! Or to share my bead work. I do have another blog going at charleneburke.com and encourage you to check it out. But I don't feel comfortable sharing the same things there that I share here.

Then again, that blog is on a WordPress platform is much easier for me to type in - Blogger tends to skip lines as I'm writing, then doesn't respond when I press enter to start another paragraph. It's been that way for a long and I've always found it annoying.

But to heck with it. For now I'll handle the annoying issues with Blogger and take it in stride. I foresee a few posts that include a bit of a rant. As well as a few posts that focus on my beadwork.

I'll check in again in a week or so and give you a better update. But for now, rest assured, that I'll be keeping this blog for a while. And if I do decide to move it permanently I'll let you know.


Oh my goodness - it's March already?

I couldn't resist that headline. With the amount of work I've been doing these past two months I am giving serious consideration to hiring a virtual assistance. Two more retainer clients and I will have to.

I picked up an excellent client recently - Turbo Wheelchair Co., Inc. located online at www.merlexi.com Dr. Jane Hermes is the creator/inventor/designer of the plastic wheelchair, an advocate for elder mobility and an all around fascinating woman. I'm thrilled to have her as an online marketing client. Some of the initial website work is done - I am working with the existing site - and most of that initial work has been in the back-end. My plan for her online marketing efforts are based on building one component on top of the other, which means that now I'm into site content, optimizing existing content, writing new content. *sigh* it's a good thing I enjoy writing.

In addition to Dr. Jane, I have been working with Dr. Nancy Keck of New Directions Unlimited. She provides business consulting beyond anything I've ever seen - no, she's not my consultant, but she is my mentor - and the work I'm doing for her is online marketing related. Right now we're in the middle of building a website for her - then we'll get to content.

Hmm...another project I'm working on is for Greater Louisville Business Alliance - GLBA - a business networking group in Louisville for which I am an officer (Secretary). The project is creating a Facebook Workshop - walking attendees through building a personal profile then a business fan page. We've limited attendance to 25 because I anticipate having to hold the hands of about 10 and don't want to be overwhelmed. Anyway, that's scheduled for April 5 so I'm just finishing up the framework of the session.

Oh yeah, I'm presenting to a small business group next week - an overview of business networking on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. I'm supposed to talk for about 20 minutes (easy to do on social media) then allow for Q&A - very casual so should be fun.

Today I just picked up a client who wants me to teach him how to use the software on his computer - in 15 minute increments on a weekly basis. Based on questions he brings to me. Should be fun :)

Most of my time has been spent at the computer. Most people don't realize that adding a page to a website can take 10 hours, or optimizing content includes research first then deciding where to put the keywords and phrases for best results (which can take 5-6 hours). But in the end, it's only important that my clients are happy with the results I said I would give them - and so far they are.