Freezing Point

Freezing Point (Paperback)by Karen Dionne (Author) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/051514536X/ref=cm_cr_mts_prod_img

Ben Maki, environmental activist, wants to solve the world's drinking water problems by using polar ice and icebergs. A book worth reading. Karen Dionne's writing style is fluid and on target for leading the reader into great visuals, rather than getting stuck in the narrative and not trusting the reader to 'get it'. I'm a fan of thrillers, be they science or medical or psychologically based, and this one is a good one. The characters are believable and have personalities that are consistent throughout the plot. The science is interesting and appears to be well researched, at least the writing was convincing and in fiction that is the point. Knowing this is her first book, I am anxiously awaiting her second.

Check it out!


Happy Anniversary!!

Today, Rick and I celebrate 18 years of marriage. Wow. And I still like him! LOL

Seriously. Our life together has not been boring. Some things we could both have done without. Some things we both want to remember forever.

Most of all...I'm still glad I said "yes".


I've Been Tagged...

When I checked my comments today, I saw that I'd been tagged by AJ at http://erthefae.blogspot.com/ with one of those blog memes where you share random facts about yourself and then tag your friends.

So, here are the rules:

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So without further ado, here are some facts about me:

1. I dip french fries in mayonnaise because I really, really, really dislike ketchup in any form - yes, even when cooked on meatloaf (double yuck!).

2. 20 years ago I thought I would marry a tall, dark, white-collar professional man and have three children - my hubby Rick and I married in 1990, he's short, blond, blue-collar man and we have no children. And, we're two peas in a pod :)

3. Though I'm shy by nature I have found that I enjoy public speaking.

4. My favorite color, for now, is orange, followed closely by yellow. Being a Gemini, don't be surprised when my favorites change - they do every few years.

5. I still play classical piano, though not as often as I used to. As a kid I dreamed of being a concert pianist, until I realized that it meant playing in front of people :)

6. I get motion sickness - cars, trains, planes, amusement parks, revolving restaurants. I'm better than when I was a kid, but I still take precautions.

7. With the help from a family member, I started my own business a few months ago - doing what I love which is research and information/fact finding. Hoping to make some money by year end :)

As for the 7 soon to be tagged, here they are:


Now, back to my regularly scheduled writing assignment - speech for Toastmasters, copy for postcards (marketing), review of website for discussion with webmaster tomorrow morning - and yes, I will fit a bit of beading in here!


Whew...what a busy coupla weeks

So, the insurance company has not completed the claim process for us to repair the roof. Hurricane Ike did quite a number on it, and on over 500,000 homes in the Louisville Metro area - so I know the poor claims adjuster is on overload. I hope we have a settlement and a new roof before winter :)

I've been spending time with the Kelly family - as always, but now with a poignant note during every visit. I'm getting an idea of what it's like to lose a close family member. I admit, though, that I am glad the Kelly's are family oriented - it means they're always around, putting each other first, even as they fight :) Mary is doing well, still caught up in finalizing paperwork and such related to Terry's death. But, because she is surrounded by the kids and friends (me included) she's getting by just fine.

My website for the new business is almost ready. I've written 6 pages of content, have located the news feed I want to include, have signed up with an online payment system, and am now in search of an appropriate photo for the banner. Burke Research Services is in business, I just can't send you to the site just yet. I have had some projects, though - yippee! Small, but they paid enough to pay the bills :) I have some bids out on a few other projects and should know something in a week or so.

As for beading - I have realized that I simply do not like to do bead embroidery. Too much like sewing for me. Besides, one of the best things about off-loom weaving is that my working hand always has beads running through it - providing the same meditative qualities as prayer beads do. This doesn't happen with embroidery. I'm almost finished with a name tag for myself, then I think that will be it for quite a while.

I am teaching basic jewelry classes at Eye Candy Jewelry and Beads in J'town, KY. Can't seem to get anyone interested in weaving classes, yet. Though a few people are asking for more advanced jewelry classes - without providing me information about what they mean by advanced...hmm, go figure. Anyway, Katherine (store owner) will be having beading parties (bead a gift) in November and December, so that should be fun.

Speaking of beading, I'll be doing just that at my Toastmasters meeting. I've decided to do a quick speech on the benefits of beading and my turn is this month. Next month I'm entering the BS speech contest - for those in the know, I intend to tell the story of Rick's attempt at being a rodeo clown. I have a feeling that no one will believe its a true story!

Okay, back I go - time for work. Until next time...Bead Happy!