Hear Indiana...

My brother and his family have dealt with hearing loss for over 11 years. Both my niece Kelly, and my nephew Eric, are 95% deaf. Both received cochlear implants...Eric at 3 and Kelly at 1. Both are mainstreamed into public schools, are bright and well-adjusted, and are participating in a fundraising effort for Hear Indiana. Eric is now 11 and a budding geologist/mechanical engineer, and Kelly is now 9 and a budding writer and runner (man, can that kid run!).

Here's a link to their page:


This photo is from August of 2007, a family reunion at Mike's place in northern Indiana. Yes, they're always this silly :) Yes, they're always this happy :) They're great people, and I'm proud to have them in my family.

Any donation you could provide, from $1 on up, would be helpful.

Rick and I will be walking on Saturday the 10th. Rather than set up my own donation site, I want you to go to my brother's and pledge there.

Thanks for your support!

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