HearIndiana Walk a Success!

I walked the 2.3k and boy am I proud! Carrying this extra 50 lbs is like carrying handweights, ankle weights and a backpack of stuff. But, I did it and can proudly say so.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and donated to the cause. My sister-in-law raised over $650, without really trying :) We're both anxious to start next year's fundraising, stoked to raise more.

HearIndiana received more than their goal of $25,000.

Here are the photos - proof that I did it! LOL

Yeah, it says Runner! I swear the number was random! Believe what you will! LOL

I've caught my breath and agreed to pose with my Aunt Chris, brother Mike, SIL Tammy and the two kids, Eric and Kelly. We've decided that purple really isn't my color.

Proof of movement! Yes, I've been caught in mid-stride. And, I'm only a step or so behind Tammy. We won't mention that I found her pace to be olympic-training speed, or that she slowed down at the 3/4 mark so I wouldn't be lonely.

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