Pendant and musings...

When I was in need of a pendant, just for something different, I came across a fellow beader's site and was inspired to make this. She had used various celtic swirls and knots in her beadwork. I guess the Irish in me just couldn't stop the image as I was working up the pattern for this. I usually wear it on a gold chain.

The hunt for a job continues. I had a face to face interview early this week, followed by a 2nd and 3rd interview later in the week, followed by a request for references...of which two were contacted the day of request. According to the references, it looks like I can expect a job offer. I can only hope they offer the right amount of salary...this is not a job to sell yourself cheap for! A lot of work still needs to happen for the department to tighten up and get into shape.


Anonymous said...

OH I like the pendant! I worked on netting and peyote today at the NH Bead Society. HOoked up with Ellen and rode with her. It was SO nice to spend time with her!

Good luck with the jobs! Hope they offer the right $$$.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this pendant. Very nice work. You're insipring me to do a little peyote stitch.... :)