I know...finally, heh? So, it was cold and dreary and I used my 2 megapixel camera. Yes these were shot in color - they just look black and white because of the ice and clouds. My favorite is the Redbud tree comparison. Usually it stands proud and tall at about 15 feet...now it's pitiful at about 6 feet. The hardwood trees all remind me of a Dr. Seuss story - I think it's the Lorax one - where all the trees are so droopy and sad looking.

1/2" of ice atop the fencing

Redbud tree before


Lora said...

that is wild they look so black and white. I can't wait for spring and all it's beautiful colors

Marian Allen said...

Great pictures, Charlene! Is it inspiring some cascading crystal beadwork? Wonderful to have heat/cooking/light, isn't it?