Outlook Error Message: 0x80042109

I know you're asking - what the heck is that? Well, that is the error message I get when I try to send an email using Outlook and my business email address/server.

***Edited to add this solution***

This solution was not provided by a Verizon employee/technician, but by a fellow user on a forum. It appears to work, for now. I say this because there are other messages in the forum that say various solutions were temporary.  Anyway...try this:

  • Outlook 2007 Tools
  • Account Settings
  • Highlight email account to change
  • Select change
  • Change SMTP to read: outgoing.verizon.net
  • Select More Settings
  • Select Outgoing Server
  • Highlight 'Long on using' Radio button
  • Enter your Verizon user name and password
  • Select Ok
  • Test Account Settings - a test email is sent and you will either receive an error message or a notice saying it was completed and your email is now set up.
  • Select Next
  • Select Finish

Today is Thurday, October 29. This started Tuesday, October 27. Until then, I had been sending and receiving emails, doing business, using Outlook as my centralized organization system. Then, boom. I see that emails are stuck in the Outbox. I'm receiving just fine - but can't reply to an email, send to a distribution list, nothing.

I spoke with Verizon via their chat option. Using my desktop I was able to chat with the technician while she looked at my settings in Outlook on my laptop.  All settings were good, but she couldn't get it to work. We changed my outgoing SMTP to outgoing.verizon.net and it was not good! Changed the ports from 25 to 587 and it was no good! She then told me that Verizon does not support Outlook, that I would have to contact their Verizon DSL technical support, a pay for service. I don't think so!

I spoke with my hosting company. What a fabulous group of people they are - responsive, courteous, helpful. But everything on their end was good...so that meant it was either Outlook itself or Verizon.

I reloaded Outlook using my original installation disc. Problem still there!

I checked out Verizon's customer forums and found a litany of messages from irate customers who cannot send email using their 3rd party addresses.  That means no business can send an email while using VerizonDSL as their ISP! Holy crap!

Verizon support, locally, is fabulous. And their front line people are quite good. Just don't ask for assistance for anything more difficult than the basics of setting up a phone account.

VerizonDSL support is handled by technically adept people who don't speak English very well. I have encountered a few different accents, but haven't truly been able to communicate with anyone well enough to make them understand that this is a VerizonDSL issue - not my Outlook!

I wish I had a choice. VerizonDSL is the only high speed internet provider in my area. Heck, they came here in June of 2008 - so before that I was using dial-up and an unstable wireless system provided by my local town.

So, now here I sit. I can use my web-based program to send emails out - but can't use my contact list, address book, reply to existing emails, etc. I've just increased my work load and am not happy about it.

My hope is that there are others in this predicament willing to Twitter, Facebook, etc. about this issue and shame VerizonDSL (a company all about communication) into looking at their own system as the problem!

If you use Twitter, use hashtag #verizondsl so a stream can be followed.

*Sigh* okay, back to work - because I do have projects that need tending to, and as irritating and annoying as this issue is, I must take care of my clients.

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dr_lager said...

Thank you - I looked all over the web for a solution to this problem, but this one that did not suggest (as Verizon does) just changing ports (which didn't work!) really did the trick. This was a great help!!!!