Weight Loss, Food and the Personal Trainer

So, I’ve discovered something about myself.


No, it’s not that I dislike working with a personal trainer. I am sticking with Maddie and though I’m not seeing or feeling results, I know I will simply because now that I’m moving my body there will be results. And, I wasn’t silly enough to think that I would see results in days. I probably won’t see results for quite a few weeks – it’s how my body works and is built.

No, what I’ve learned about myself is that I love food.

I watch the Food Network and Cooking channel regularly.

No wonder I’m overweight!


Not only do I snack, a lot, I watch shows about food and cooking – which in turn make me think I’m hungry so I snack more.

Therefore, resolved today: I will exchange the watching of Food Network and Cooking channel to ESPN or Fitness channels.


Because it makes sense that if I’m watching people being active I will tend to be more active.


In the meantime, I’ve considered taking up bowling again. It’s a sport I’m good at and I used to enjoy.

So today I’m heading to the local bowling alley to see how well I do. I’m also going to inquire about joining a league.


Joseph said...

Stick with your trainer. The results don't appear instantly, you need to give yourself time. Plus it's a good thing that you can move your body, because with all of our sedentary jobs, we'll end up with joint problems. I'm a regular customer for Personal Trainer Toronto, because I like to do physical exercises and stretch my muscles until they crack. Just kidding with the cracking ☺

Charlene said...

Thanks Joseph - I stuck with the trainer until February, lost 6 lbs and gained a lot of strength and flexibility. Then I got sick. Now it's almost May and I'm getting back to the gym and doing kettlebell - and though I don't look much different, I have no doubt I'm healthier.