Beads and Me

The Bead Retreat will be in Las Vegas in February. Oh my, am I ready to go. I've been looking forward to this since last spring. Unsure how I was going to pay for the trip, I decided to see if selling my bead work would raise enough money. To my surprise, it did. I did a show last spring and made enough to pay for the retreat. Then I did a show in the summer, making enough to pay for the room at the hotel. Then I did a show in December, and there I made enough to pay for the airfare. This is just too cool. I've been selling my work since spring of '04 - a very short time - and last year was so encouraging that I'm working on new pieces to see how I'll do this year.

I've been a member of an on-line bead group for over 2 years now. This group is where the retreat idea generated and took off. I'll be meeting members of this group face to face for the first time, as well as attend classes for the first time. I've taught other people, but never attended a beading class myself. It's going to be quite an experience and I'm ready for it! LOL

Today I'm meeting up with my beading buddy, Lora. We'll bead and gab for a few hours and have a good time - we always do.

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