Teaching again

I got a call from my LBS (local bead store) and the new manager asked if I'd come back to teach bead weaving classes again. Of course, I said "sure, when do you want me to start?" So, I stopped by the store and reviewed their seed bead supply - very pitiful. I'll be helping them order a starting stock. I also dropped off a list of class descriptions. Instead of offering a set project schedule, I'm going to let the student decide which project to learn. Right now there isn't a great marketing campaign for classes so I'm not expecting many students yet. I've offered to take over the marketing for the store, as related to all classes, but the new manager assures me that they will take care of things.


Whew, what a month this has been! Preparing for three annual evaluations, finalizing sales figures and bonus results for 2005, contacting distributors/catalogers/special buying groups to update pricing and product information, market research for a new division. I'm having a good time! I just love this job and am glad for the opportunity to be a part of a company's growth.

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