Privacy? An unknown in this day and age

So, the other day Rick walks in the house and says "hey, we have wireless phones, don't we?". Hmm, well, yes, we have a single cordless phone and have two cell phones. This is why he asks:

He's at the end of the driveway, getting the mail, when an older gentleman (about 60ish) drives into the driveway and asks if he's Rick B. Rick says yes he is. The guy says "well, just wanted you to know that my wife and I have a scanner and we've been able to hear your phone conversations for the past few months." Whaaaaat!? "And, anyone in the vicinity with a scanner would be able to tune into your frequency". He knew our address because one of us had given it out on the phone.

How interesting. Rick and I determined that its the cordless phone, not the cell phones.

Honestly? I gave this about three minutes of thought and concern. Rick started to get upset, until I reminded him that we have very little privacy in this world. We could give up the convenience of a cordless phone (which we've had for 15 years). Or, we could shrug our shoulders and figure that someone out there is enjoying our lives as much as we are! LOL

We'll probably change phones. For now, though, we're content with knowing that we are not paranoid - the amount of privacy afforded to each family is getting smaller and smaller as each day passes.

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Lora said...

Imagine the fun you could have!! tee hee!!! The mean streak coming out in me!! LOL