*sigh* I'm in charge

Well now, here I sit trying to gather my thoughts because guess who's been made the 'main person' for Gwen's memorial? Yepper, me. I'll be welcoming people, introducing the chaplain and meditation, guiding the attendees. Hmmm. A bit nerve wracking as I've never done something like this before. Not scary though. Probably because its for Gwen and she always told me how great I did when speaking in public. Thank goodness for podiums! My knees never stop quivering when I present in public :)

This Saturday afternoon we'll gather at a local hall and spend a few hours remembering Gwen, consoling ourselves and her family. We'll have deli trays and coffee, a few candles, some flowers. But most importantly, we'll have gathered the various people that Gwen touched and who feel the need to share their experiences with each other.

Gwen touched each person differently. My perception of Gwen is one of a woman of dignity and compassion, a person who loved NASCAR (Jeff Gordon especially), motorcycles, eighteen wheel trucks and tending to her flowers. She was quick to speak her mind, held grudges forever (didn't speak to me and Rick for over a year because of a faux pas on our part), and was willing to open her mind to new ideas.

I hope to do her proud :)

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