Opening Night - Great! The Rest - Not so Great

Well, despite rain, hail, possible tornado and high winds...opening night was a success for me! I sold a few pieces, met some interesting people, shmoozed about and overall enjoyed myself. Downers: starting two days before opening day...the owner cannot locate my box of price tags. Then he says he will go out and purchase some, then using my price/inventory list will tag my items. Opening night...he didn't do this - instead he used MY business cards, marked a price and inventory number and haphazardly placed them on a few items. Then, coming back to clean up on Saturday morning and finding all my bottles of water and extra cookies gone. Then, being asked if parts of my display is for sale - "everything in here is for sale"- he says. NOT!!!!

This guy is costing me way too much money. I'm out business cards, jewelry tags, some jewelry boxes, 20 bottles of water, about $15 worth of cookies. In addition, days before the show he tells me and Katherine that we're responsible for advertising and marketing! Yepper, he hasn't dropped one dime.

I'm not impressed.

As for the rest of the days...not so great. Seems he is not that interested in presenting/selling my things, or Katherine's for that matter. Instead, on a pretty regular basis (read daily) he's taken liberties with our displays, has moved our items about the room, has recently moved our items OUT OF THE WAY to be able to display someone else's art. Pretty gosh darn rude and unprofessional.

So, because I committed to showing my things until September 13, and I helped pay for advertising and marketing, I'll be keeping a few things there. Tomorrow, though, I'm stopping in to pick up a lot of my things. I'm having a hard time trusting this guy.

In other news today...

I'm researching a new business. Something I can do out of the house. I attended a networking lunch of local business owners and picked their brains about the usefulness of the service I'd be offering and got really positive feedback. I'll be attending additional networking meetings and asking the same questions...while at the same time I'm in the middle of researching the business/company itself. I hope to make a final decision as to whether or not I'll do this by end of September...when we've returned from Michigan :)

Until then...keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to!

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Lora said...

Ooooh go get your work from him...Makes me uncomfy just reading about it.