Gallery Update

So, Katherine and I meet up on Saturday afternoon and chat before going to the gallery. I knew better than to go by myself, my mouth was liable to get me into some real trouble! Actually, Rick told me that I would be better off going with another person. He knows me too well :)

Anyway, I get to the gallery and see that all is well. The only thing he's done is move some items around to better display them. I didn't see any additional artwork interfering with my pieces, or Katherine's for that matter. Got myself all worked up for nothin'!

So, I joined Katherine and David for dinner and talked with Katherine about her misgivings and misunderstanding of the whole 'moving my stuff' around. Once we got things settled, we both agreed we did not like the way he does business and won't be doing business with him again. In the meantime, I'm going to participate in a professional photo shoot on Wednesday. Free. Yepper, I said free. Katherine's photographer is offering his services to us. What all this really means is that new photos will be in my flickr album later this week!

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Lora said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!!!!