The Floating Cow

and other beautiful things! That is the name of a new gift shop opening December 1, 2007 in Madison, Indiana.

Why does this warrant a spot on my blog? Well, mainly because the owners purchased 2/3 of my current inventory to re-sell in their store! Yepper, I'm not kidding.

Marni, Ann and Ann are the owners. Three wonderfully wacky and generous women from the Madision area. They're going to be awesome business owners because every piece they reviewed was with the customer in mind. You can't go wrong when that is your focus!

So, opening day is December 1. I'm planning to be there for support and for information. I'll gladly tell anyone who asks about my beadwork and techniques.

In the meantime, I'm making additional pieces for the store, trying to finish up a few designs I've left hanging, and looking forward to being creatively free! Amazing how much of a charge this has given me.

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Lora said...

sounds good Charlene!!Get pictures of the opening :)