If an expectation is not clearly defined, how can you not meet it?

I was asked to leave my job on Friday because I didn't meet his expectations. I didn't know what they were, and am baffled at how I couldn't meet them. Hmmm. Most management positions include a clearly defined job description, expected actions and results, and measurable progress indicators. Not this one. It's been quite an experience. One I've learned a lot from. And, the break up was quite respectful and amicable. They won't be replacing me soon because they really don't know what they want out of the position. Considering I'm the third in as many years, I'm glad they'll be taking some time rather than throwing someone else in right away. The people hurt by this will be the team of 6 in the office. They'll have to deal with no direction, no training, no support.

In the meantime, I now have more time for finishing that beading order for The Floating Cow!

Oh yeah, if you know of any project/contract/short term jobs I can participate in or manage, just give me a jingle - my primary talents lay in project management, data analysis/management, customer service.

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Lora said...

OH just use this time to come visit me!!! :) I'll ask Brent to check the job board at work if ya want....wanna move to NH? :)