17 years and looking forward...

Oct 27, 1990 is our wedding date. I was 26, Rick was 32. Both of us were ready and looking forward to a long life together. Here are some pics from back then...oh yeah, Santa Claus was the best man!

Pam, Rick's niece, 16 yrs old, died the following March in an auto accident. Erin, good friend of mine from Jeffersonville, Indiana. Laura, me, Rick. Leonard, aka Santa Claus, my brother Dan and my brother Mike.
Laura was my best friend in Hanover, Indiana. Though I lived there for only a year during junior high, our friendship lasted longer than any other I had during my 'growing up' years. So I asked her to be my matron of honor.
Leonard, aka Santa Claus, was a good friend of Rick's. We joined him and his wife on a trip to Talledegha to watch NASCAR up front and personal! It was wonderful. Leonard and Rick still keep in touch. Leonard and his wife Lorie live in Elizabethtown, KY now.

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Lora said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!! :)