Thanksgiving with family and fried turkey...

Oh yeah, the fried turkey was a fantabulous idea! First, Mike and Rick did the cooking of the bird - yippee! Tammy and I were truly delighted to spend 30 minutes cooking the side dishes of mashed potatoes (plenty of lumps, trust me!), cranberry relish, sweet corn and green bean casserole. While the fellas spent 1 hour getting the oil to the right temperature, then another 40 minutes watching the bird fry - while the temperature outside was a balmy 32F. Oh, and the snow was light! LOL Anyway, it was wonderful! I would recommend frying the turkey to anyone able to afford the oil. We used peanut oil (which is highly recommended by me and every cook out there) and 4 gallons ran me almost $40. Not an everyday meal, but for a special occasion it sure was worth it.

Mike in the kitchen, doesn't happen often! And the turkey in all its glory.

Tammy and the turkey in the kitchen....sorry Tammy, but it is a good shot of the turkey!

The destruction of the turkey took all of 10 minutes!

Mike finishing up the carving with a little help from Rick.

Kelly on Tammy's lap, thrilled to watch someone else do the turkey!

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