Christmas is almost here!

And we're having spring like weather! Today is sunny, partly cloudy, and will be about 65. Amazing. Tomorrow Rick and I leave for northern Indiana to spend the holidays with my brother and his family (as pictured in the Thanksgiving post). They have over 2 feet of snow right now and are expecting more. Yes, I considered asking them to join us here at our place, but realized that our home for two would not accomodate 4 extra people and two really large dogs! LOL

I added a link to The Floating Cow - the shop that purchased some of my work. Any time you're in Madison, Indiana stop by and say hello!

I dropped off some earrings and am now free to look through my stash to take to northern Indiana. My sister-in-law will get to choose from some pretty cool stuff! I'll be taking my tools so I can make her a necklace, and my niece has some pieces that need fixing. So, I'll happily re-string these for her while her mom checks out the pearls, jade and real gold! I will try to take a photo to share!

After we return home I'll start on some new designs. I have an idea for bead embroidery that I just cannot wait to work on! All I can say is "Bride of Frankenstein - Gene Wilder style!"

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Winter Solstice - whatever works for you!

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