Out of the Box, into the Triangle!

So, this little triangle box came about when I asked the question "What if...?" I was planning to work on a caged bead to use as a clasp hider for a herringbone necklace I've been working on. Then, I look down into my box of beads and saw these two colors - color lined yellow 11s and pink iridescent magatamas. Well, I don't know what came over me. I pulled them both out, along with some color lined purple 11s, made a few piles on my beading mat, and voila! a few hours later, out came this boxed triangle. Hmmm, quite a color change for me, as I normally don't care for pink. And, this is my first boxed triangle, ever. I'm pretty pleased :) Any ideas on what I should do with it now!? LOL


Lora said...

humm... I have no ideas, but it's very cool looking. What can fit inside??

Charlene said...

funny you should ask that...considering that their is no lid or hinge - it's completely enclosed. If there was a lid to open, it could fit a quarter or a ring.