Whiners, Complainers, Juvenile Women watch out...

For quite a while now I've been carrying a resentment/irritation/disgust around in my head. Long enough to realize that it has affected my perspective on previous work experiences. So, considering the options available to me to relieve myself of this burden, I believe the least damaging is to write it on my blog.

Before I continue, this is related to a woman that I once worked with. Actually, she was a member of a team that I managed. To approach this person today would be unprofessional, inappropriate and possibly considered badgering :) While working with her I did broach the subject(s) and it was considered a humorous discussion on her part. A different discussion, where I requested that she stop talking about her job interviews while working caused her to lose her temper and start yelling about "free speech", and ended when she told me to meet her in the parking lot. Yeah, I'm not kidding.

Here are some of what I have already said to her, and some things I didn't get a chance to say:

Stop the whining. Sitting at your desk and stating "I just don't know how I will get all this work done" on an hourly basis is childish, annoying and disrespectful to your co-workers.

Arranging your workload to prevent you from participating in a call rotation is also disrespectful to your co-workers.

Telling new people how to do their job, after the manager has already set up a training schedule, is annoying and irksome, as well as confusing to the new person.

Complaining about your husband's infidelity only proves your childishness and immaturity. E-mailing your firefighter boyfriend (from work) about how his hose is hanging is juvenile and disrespectful to yourself and the company.

Bragging about job interviews, while working, is wrong. It is disrespectful to your co-workers, insubordinate behavior to your manager, and is not why the company pays you to be at your desk.

Declaring your experience as a manager, then acting like a toddler needing a babysitter in order to get your work done, does not reflect well on you. Complaining and whining to upper management when your manager asks that you stop whining and use the time to do your work is really annoying. It wastes time, reflects badly on you, and is disrespectful to your co-workers - because when you take the time to complain, annoy and/or meet with upper management, your co-workers have to step in for you and do your work.

There, I've said all I'm going to say. Yes, there is more, but these points are the main ones that have been on my mind. The funniest part of all of this is her inability to see that all along I was trying to help her position herself to be considered for a promotion. Yes, jealousy is a bad emotion and when I realized that this explains her behavior is when I stopped trying to help and instead tried to contain the problem.

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