Belly Dancing, Shimmy the Shoulder, Pop the Hip...

Oh my. I survived my first belly dancing workshop today. I attended a one day workshop with a local instructor that covered the absolute basics on up to stage presence and performance. It was a 4 hour workshop, and I lasted into hour 2.5! :) Yes, I am as surprised as you are about my lasting so long.

Now, this does not mean that I mastered all the moves, a few of the moves, or any of the moves for that matter. Nor does it mean that I am now ready to perform for anyone other than an instructor!

What it does mean is that after taking the plunge into exploring dance as a method of fine tuning my flexibility and fluidity (of which I have none...klutz of the year here...known to have random bruises with no knowledge of where they came from) it is a good thing.

AJ, a beading friend in Tucson, says that after a few months of lessons she stopped obtaining the random bruises, and has become quite adept with being graceful. I look forward to saying this for myself.

Anyway, I'll know tomorrow whether any soreness will be felt, but as of right now...three hours after the workshop, I'm feeling okay.

The instructor is offering beginner lessons, 1 per week for 4 weeks starting this Wednesday. I'll be talking to a friend about joining me in this adventure, but whether she joins me or not I'm intending to take the classes. I truly do not want to perform, or find my inner diva (according to the instructor we all have one) or dance for anyone other than myself and my husband. No, really, I just want to walk a bit more gracefully, have a presence about me and stop the random occurrence of bruising on my body :)


Lora said...

Who are you taking the lessons from? I took a couple classes at Gold's Gym a couple years ago from a gal.

Charlene said...

I'm taking the lessons from Raqia, voted best instructor for 2007 :) She is part of the Gypsies of the Nile troupe of dancers in this area. She teaches in downtown New Albany and at IUS in their continuing studies division. Very encouraging, energetic and talented!

AJ said...

YAY! I'm so glad you decided to do it :D You'll definitely be sore a lot (especially when you start doing ab isolations, ow), but it's such amazing fun!

I also don't believe in having an inner diva or goddess, but I do feel different when I dance, very energized and happy. Pretty sure it's endorphins ;)