Martian Child - A Terrific Movie

Starring John Cusack, Amanda Peet and Joan Cusack, and introducing Bobby Coleman.

Now available on DVD - I recommend getting it today.

Based on the true short story written by sci-fi author David Gerrold, this is an inspiring and uplifting movie. Rick and I watched it over the weekend, while we were snowed in. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and will be recommending it to everyone we meet.

Ever felt like a misfit? Ever met a child that you thought was a misfit? Ever sat back in awe of a child's ability to use the imagination in order to survive?

David the writer is a widower and getting more and more lonely as time passes. Thinking that a child would add an interesting dimension to his life, David visits a group home and happens upon Dennis - a child hiding in an Amana appliance box. Eventually the two meet face to face, then share the same house, then David completes the adoption. It's the in-between stuff that makes all the difference on this journey.

I loved the fact that it is based on a true story, as evidenced by the 'special feature' showing an interview with the original David and son. The compassion and respect this man shows is very inspiring, especially in the face of a child whose background is that of abuse and abandonment.

This is a perfect family movie, one that can touch the hearts of children everywhere. It teaches compassion, respect, communication and understanding. Understanding that everyone comes to a situation with varied backgrounds, yet common ground can be found.

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