Toastmasters and Me

Well, I must say that I am truly enjoying being a member of Toastmasters. I knew I would, but am surprised by how much.

According to the 15 or so regular members, they're enjoying me, too :)

Brag time!

I gave my second speech, about beads and beading, two weeks ago and got terrific feedback. At the time, the most encouraging was - "great eye contact and movement. I'm ready to take up beading!"

Last week I gave my third speech, about how communicating is much more than talk, and am thrilled with the feedback. The most important to me is the one from my mentor, an established and accomplished speaker who has been a professional speaker for about 2 years. His comments were "you have a speaker's presence. Keep the work going because you are making your presence known." Wow.

I'm prepping my fourth speech - a humorous tall tale - to be given on the 20th. Of course, I'll be talking about my hubby's attempt at being a rodeo clown (a story soon to be posted). No, it's not a tall tale, but trust me - most people don't believe us when we tell it :)

This Friday (the 14th) I'm attending an all day event being presented by the National Speakers Association. There will be 11 presentations given by well-known speakers and plenty of opportunity to network. I'll be taking notes because each speaker will be giving pointers on how to improve and study the craft. Then, I'll be handing out at least 100 business cards (that's because more than 100 people are registered to attend!) and promoting my research business.

Speaking of my research business, I'm meeting with the President of the NSA/Kentucky chapter to discuss his research needs for his three businesses :) Yes, the meeting will be included in the price - consultation fee!

Okay, back to work. Then back to refining my speech for next Thursday!

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