Ha! Didn't know I was a closet ABBA fan, did you now? So I'm outed. I think I've done well to hide it these past 20 years or so...but now I just can't help myself. I had the opportunity to see the ABBA wannabes with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra a few weekends ago and had a ball! No, they're not ABBA. No, they aren't as good as ABBA. Yes, I sang along with every song, joined my aunt, my cousins and a niece on the lawn of Connor Prairie and boogied until I could boogie no more. Whew! Then I proceeded to try to wear out my ABBA CDs. Yes, Rick is happy to be working out of town during the week...I've had that CD playing every day since the concert. I've been a dancing dervish, boogying fool, jiggly old gal...having a good time, thank you very much :)

There. It's out. I'm an ABBA fan and too old to care if you know it! HA! I hope you do the same :) Oh, I happen to love every song, no particular favorite...so enjoy!

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