BFAC done!

I named this piece "Choices"

A Necklace

Three bracelets

A Choker

I struggled with the vase idea. While working on the netting I was struggling with being bored with it. To take a break and relax my mind, I dumped a few colors from the project onto my beading mat and contemplated chucking them into the garbage (really, for a moment I thought it). Then I pushed a few orange squares together, a few blue rounds. Picked up needle and thread and worked up a flat herringbone piece. Hmmm. I did the same with a few other colors and larger beads. It was beginning to look like a bracelet that I just might like. My stash of findings include basket crimps and snap clasps (my favorite clasps) and I pictured two bracelet possibilities. Then, looking at the netting on the vase I saw additional bracelets. But I wanted a choice available to me and the final owner - necklace or bracelet or both? End result is 1 necklace or 1 choker or 3 bracelets. I'm happy.

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Anonymous said...

Nice job, Char!