The Bucket List is a winner

Rick and I watched The Bucket List last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Jack Nicholson portrays a lonely multi-gazillionaire with a hidden heart and Morgan Freeman portrays a hard working middle class family man. Both did a fine job. The story is quite believable, with moments of hilarity and bittersweet poignancy. We laughed, we sighed, we guffawed, we reminisced. Rick and I never had an office 'bucket list', but we both have things and places we want to see and do before either one of us die, so we related to the desire shown by both of these characters.

The best part of the entire movie, for me, is that both characters stayed true to their values. Even when facing death, they did not put their moral character on the line. Quite refreshing!

We both wholeheartedly recommend this one! Enjoy.

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