Another Beautiful Day in Indiana

Sometimes I wonder why we moved to this area, then I remember the troubles we had in Indianapolis. Rick was so heartbroken and needed to be near friends and family to heal, while I was still stunned and shocked over the various things we experienced. Then I wonder why we're still here and I look out the window and sigh. It's another beautiful day in southern Indiana - mid 70's, lightly cloudy, occasional breeze. Yep, it could be worse :)

Now that my business has hit a tipping point - I have customers, I have projects in the pipeline, I will soon make enough money to tell Rick to look for other work - we've talked about our future. That in itself is nice to be able to do. We used to talk about our future. We used to have dreams and hopes and aspirations. I'll be the first to tell anyone that sometimes Life sucks the incentive right out of you - and that happened to us. Until a year or so ago.

So, we've talked and talked and pondered and talked some more. A few months ago we came to the conclusion that we no longer need to be wrapped in the arms of friends and family. That we can live our lives now and live how we want to. That means we'll be moving soon. We need to go south, mainly because Rick just can't handle the cold weather anymore. He's only 50, but has worked out in the cold since he was 9 years old and when he gets cold to the bone - well, let me just say it hurts to watch him try to move.

We'll be looking at the Port Orange, FL/Daytona, FL area because his sister and her husband live there and we all like each other. Also because the cost of living is reasonable, and after having visited there a few times I realized how much I like it.

Now, this won't be happening soon. The plan is to leave in a year or two. It truly depends on my business success. I have a business loan to repay, Rick has some work still to do on the house, and we both need to be on task and work toward the goal of having cash and being able to sell the house. The nice thing is that we're basically debt free - we have a mortgage and I have the business loan.

I'm going to stop here and go back to enjoying the pretty day - maybe I'll venture outside for a few minutes, catch a freckle or two :)

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