I'm Back! Really I am!

Really. Not kidding here. I know I've been 'gone' since February - whew, considering how cold, wet and nasty it got here you'd have been gone, too...trust me!

Anyway, in March I began posting weekly to my business blog. I know, that's supposed to be different than this one and it is. Okay, so I've also been spending time on Facebook. This is where the photos went, the notes about daily life, etc.

Then I realized that one thing missing is my posting to this blog. Not that I have many followers (all 2 of you are appreciated!) but instead that I used this place to write semi-regularly about stuff. You know, general stuff. Not focused on business. Not focused on keywords, not focused on increasing readership. Instead, just stuff about my life in general.

Having said all that, I intend to get back to posting semi-regularly again. I guess 7 months could qualify as semi-regular, but I won't say it. Instead I'll just start over and post more often.

So, overall life has been pretty darned interesting. Rick and I survived the winter of '09 and have since been making plans to move south. Our short trip to Port Orange, FL made us both consider our options of where we wanted to live.

Though we think southern Indiana/Louisville, KY area is stunning in beauty, and in general the people here have very large hearts - we both realized that the reasons we moved back to this area no longer exist. Rick has healed from the horrors of our experiences in Brownsburg. We re-connected with friends from the '80s. And now that 10 years have passed, we are ready to move on with our lives.

I have plans for my business. Plans that include multiple revenue streams, portability and a revenue goal to reach this time next year. My plans were put off by a year because of the national/international economy...but are now back on track. Once I meet the revenue goal I will tell Rick that we can look for a place in Florida and prep our house to be sold.

Okay, that's it for now. I'll return in a few days and post some pics of interesting things I've noted along the way :)

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