Meet Herschel & Mavis....

Two domestic geese that decided our front and back yards were excellent grazing sources. Here they are in the back, catching sight of me at the french doors to the deck.
Herschel is gray, Mavis is white. Why? Because it makes sense. Trust me...I'm not going out there to check which is which.

Here they found the back missing fence area into the back yard.

They're quite vocal - letting me know that they're there, that in no way are they going to take any guff from me, and that my grass/weeds is really where they want to be.

Until I step out onto the deck, then stomp a foot. Those big wide butts waddle fast and furious! Quite amusing.
It was quite the experience, having Herschel and Mavis visit every morning, then every evening. It didn't take me but a day or so to realize that they lived on a pond about 1/4 mile from the house. I really don't know why they left the pond. And, honestly, was concerned that there would come a day when I would hear car tires squealing and see feathers and down floating on the wind.
Then, one day, they stopped coming by the house. No reason that we could see. At first we were concerned. Then we were happy - no more goose poop on the driveway, or on the walkway, or in the yard. Happy day!
We hear geese squawk and honk throughout the day, so we're assuming that Herschel and Mavis simply got tired of wandering and went back to their pond down the road.

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