Home and enjoying Tucson Stash!

Well, I made it home with out all the drama from my flight out of Louisville, thank goodness :) I forgot to mention in that post that though I was wearing 'the patch', upon landing in Tucson I did have to use two bags...thank goodness I don't eat before a flight. And, on the flight home I used 'the patch' and a Bonine. I think I've hit upon the perfect combination. The only issue with using a motion sickness aid is that they tend to make you very drowsy. So much so, I slept 11 hours the first night and 10 hours the second. I should be back to normal tonight.

Okay, so here are some pictures of my purchases in Tucson. I'm missing just a few pieces...only because my mother is wearing them! LOL

Lampwork, rainbow agate and red coral. The black glass has confetti type decoration and I simply could not resist. The hearts and disks are in varying shades of green. My absolute favorite buy is the rainbow agate! OMG, blue and orange with white streaks! Just beautiful! And the red coral matches/accents it perfectly. I cannot wait to start working on a project with these babies.

Fossil squares, 4 pendant pieces from Dakota Stone, some Dave Christensen glass focals, a Netsuke horse for my niece, Kelly. A gold dipped leaf and a bronzed leaf of kale :) The four pendants are picasso jasper framed with black onyx. I fell in love with the gal who designs these. She is Chinese, graduated from Purdue with an engineering degree, then finished with an MBA, married a computer programmer, then purchased a factory in China to produce her work with stones. A delightful young woman whom I look forward to doing business with throughout the years. The last piece is a Devin Somerville lampworked pendant that didn't come out right in the photo. Ack! my lack of photography skills are really showing here. I'll try to scan it later.

Pearls, pearls and pearls :) Mother of Pearl strands in green, grey, teal and topaz. Small seed pearls in cream, green and topaz. Green jasper squares, serpentine rondelles and green jasper tubes - the rest of them were used for something that my mother is now wearing! Red coral 2mm rounds, Lapis 2mm rounds, brown goldstone star and sodalite teardrop pendant.

I love glass. Below is all venetian glass in varying colors of gold, brown, black/silver and a salmon kind of color. Bottom right are swarovski pendants in greens, pinks and topaz.

I found Wynwoods Gallery and picked up a bunch of things :) Now I can go to her website and have a better idea of what I'll be getting :) Two lampwork cabs, a lovely stone cab (no idea what kind), copper links, copper chain, gold necklaces for pendants.

The findings! We cannot forget the findings! Crimps, head pins, snap clasps, toggles in silver and copper. Some gold, some sterling. A kit from Nikia Angel cuz I like the shapes and colors she used for bead embroidery, plus I'm hoping to get some practice in on the bead embroidery :) And, two pair of earrings I purchased from the copper mine after touring the mine with my family :)

That's all for now folks :) On the one hand I have hard time believing I spent the kind of money that I did, on the other hand I'm thrilled I was able to go to Tucson and probably won't be going to a bead show again for another year or so! LOL

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AJ said...

Looks like you picked up some really cool things :) I hope that your mom is enjoying all of the jewelry that you made for her, too!

I posted the necklace that I told you about: