Tucson Update

I'm having a great time! On Thursday evening, my mother and I joined 4 others at a bead dinner at PF Chang's...Yum! Originally this bead dinner, an annual event, had 11 to 12 people scheduled to attend, but only 6 of us showed up. What a shame. First because the organizer was limited to just a few restaurants able to accommodate 10 or more people, thereby reserving a banquet room. Second because once the organizer knew the actual number of people attending we could have eaten somewhere else. Not that the food wasn't good, but the ambience was a bit noisy and dark. We would have preferred a cafe or bistro setting. Oh well, maybe next year the others will join us!

So, my feet are in good shape :) I purchased a pair of New Balance walking shoes the day before I flew out of Louisville and am thrilled with how they're holding up to walking on concrete for up to 4 hours a day. My brain is a bit fogged by beads, beads, beads and more beads. LOL So, mom and I took the day off on Saturday and went site seeing, then joined my uncle and his girlfriend for dinner last night at Olive Garden. While eating, mom and Elda planned my last week here - filled with site seeing jaunts and a few questionable excursions :) Yes, they left me two more days to shop for beads! LOL Though I was assured that the schedule was negotiable.

I found a good vendor for findings and loaded up on a year's worth :) And, today we're going shopping at yet another show. We've only gotten to 5 shows out of 42 you know :)

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