I think I should learn how to discern gemstone quality

First let me say that it took until Feb 4 for the RV park's wireless network to be up and running. Then, for it to be stable has taken another day or so. So, there is good reason why I haven't been on every night and bloggin about Tucson.

Second, having now spent 4 days being dazzled by semi-precious and precious gemstones, I've come to the conclusion that I need to learn my gemstones and their qualities. As well as how to determine whether I'm getting a good price or not. I won't give up the bead-weaving, but boy would I love to design a setting for the star-cut citrines I purchased. They're top drilled and will work beautifully with heishi gold tubes I have. But, I can easily see a few of them set in a cocktail ring that would WOW anyone within 20 feet.

But, I'm not a jeweler, nor do I have skill in casting or working with precious metals - yet. I have a feeling there will come a day when I become more knowledgeable.

In the meantime, my poor mother is on bead overload. She's such a trooper. She's driven me to the shows each day and has declared herself my assistant :) Meaning, she drags the suitcase behind her and helps me pick out things to fill it! This is her first bead show and I think she's spoiled :)

I've purchased copper chain, Robert Jennik lampwork, rainbow botswana agate, lampwork pendants, MOP and seed pearls in varying colors, display items for my booth, green turquoise, some cool glass beads in different shapes, some huge green striped lampwork hearts for focals. And the best, for me at the moment, is when I came upon Wynwoods Gallery booth (http//www.wynwoods.com) and finally got some cool stuff...check out Lois' designs, I just love them!

No photos yet. Mom hasn't figured out her camera and I'm too tired to deal with it right now LOL. But, maybe tomorrow or Friday I'll get them posted and you can drool with me.

Until then, happy beading!

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