I Wanna Go Back!!

Oh my, I've been home a few days and already I'm ready to go back to Tucson! To heck with the fact that the scenery left me dry (pun intended). Desert and mountains with lots of sunshine and 70 degree weather is preferable to ice covered landscapes and 30 or below at home. I'm losing the freckles! My only claim to tanning, I might add.

Rick is ready to go back to Florida. Which does not help me in any way to be happy about being home now! LOL

He's been making noises about visiting some friends in Alabama. Friends I haven't seen for quite a few years. Friends that have a lake house, with a boat, with fishing equipment. Friends who want us to visit. Friends who recently told Rick that the bass are getting lonely. Aw, geez, how do I fight fishing, sunshine, morning coffee with friends! Ack!!

In the meantime, I continue my job hunt. Though I want to be self-employed one day, actively building a business I have researched and come to believe is right for me - because it requires the extensive use of a computer, research and customer service - I also know that I refuse to go into debt. Therefore, I need to be gainfully employed.

My plan - to get a job in supervision, management, technical something. Keep the job for at least the next few years. Purchase the business and do it part-time for at least a year. Now, if only the rest of the world were on board with this plan!

So, I continue the job-hunt, continue to fend off the urge to tell hubby "let's pack it up for a week and get out of there", bead some new designs and pray.

Oh yeah, I'm participating in the 2009 BFAC (Beading For a Cure) charity. Read more about it here www.beadingforacure.org.

I received my kit and am already working on the piece! Surprise! No thoughts about what to do with this odd assortment of colors. I knew after opening the package what the beads needed to become. Pictures and info after the project is finished.

Okay, enough whining. I only allow myself a few minutes to whine, then I get some cheese and get back to work. So, off to eat some cheese and bead a bit more!


Lora said...

Can't wait to see what you bead!!!
Welcome home!

AJ said...

I'm so glad that you're doing BFAC this year, Charlene! :D